Unreal! (Yes, this is an actual in-game screenshot)

It’s always funny looking at how technology changes over time. Just a little over a decade ago, the standard for graphic technology probably wasn’t as high as we thought.

Just yesterday a Reddit user decided to re-create the drift cars of Ken Gushi and Mike Essa in Forza 5, and the results are ridiculous.

If you want to check out the whole set, you can see it here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wait another decade or so until someone pulls up this post and makes fun of how I thought these images looked real.

h/t to Reddit user /u/GinNJews, who created the images.

Return of the BMW M3!

I’m not sure how many people remember the M3 we captured back in 2012, but as we dive into capturing video footage, I was able to ask the owner if we could do some test shooting. It’s clear that the video needs a little color correction, but not too bad for the short session we had. Stay tuned for more from the last of the M3′s all-motor era!

Shot Filled Weekend: Spring 2014 Dyno Day and Car Meet

There was no shortage of things to capture this week as we attended the annual Spring Dyno meet hosted by PTuning and caught back up with one of the first M3′s we shot back in 2012. Here are just a few of the shots from this gathering:

PTuning Spring Dyno Day 2014

Honda Fit on Gold Wheels w/Polished Lip

I know they exist, but I don’t often see a lot of modified Honda Fits outside of the internet. Coupled with the fact that I’ve always wanted one, I just had to get a shot of this.

FRST86 - Scion FRS, Red. Boosted.

FRS, BRZ - Long shot.

BRZ, slammed, black...very sick.

There was no shortage of FRS/BRZ’s — but probably for good reason, as PTuning has one of the best turbo kits out on the market right now for this car. One of their shop cars is an FRS. It’s exactly what an underpowered two-door roadster needs.

Spa Yellow S2K, S2000. Very nice.

Of course, I had to get a shot of this S2K. It’s Science of Speed Supercharged as well, very nicely done. Very well built. I even got a chance to speak with the owner, so I’m hoping that I can get it in sometime for a photo session soon!

GSXR Stretched and lowered on custom wheels.

This last shot was a little self-indulgent. My brother (If you remember the bagged WRX we covered back in 2012), just built this bike, which is a stretched and lowered GSX-R, with Alpine White paint. I can’t decide if the wheel color falls in more of the blue or green spectrum, but I think they look good.

If you want to see the full set, check it out here.

The Honda You’ve Always Wanted

My first car was a Honda. I’m still a fan, even today. However, most car enthusiasts will agree: They simply lack power out of the box. Don’t get me wrong, I love the S2000, I love the NSX, but Honda simply never offered a turbocharged compact sports car, and that’s always been a problem.

Well, until now…

The 2015 Civic Type R, announced at the Geneva Motor Show now comes turbocharged. It doesn’t look half bad either.




The only problem for those of us in the United States is that…the forced induction version may never make it’s way over here.

Luckly, there is a petition going on at Change.org petitioning Honda to bring this lucrative compact car over to us. It seems sort of strange amongst the more important petitions, but for long-time Honda enthusiasts, it’s long overdue.

Maybe now this will hush a lot of Honda criticism within certain automotive enthusiast circles…?

Yeah right.

Roll that Beautiful Car Footage!