Jon Scite’s MK6 TDi

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this red MK6 TDi. Just a few months ago, I snapped a shot of it at PTuning for their dyno day.

It’s funny how much can change in just a small amount of time. The results however, are nothing short of amazing.

Jon first purchased the car brand new, three years ago, on this exact day.


Now, vastly different from the car it was, the most obvious change is the aggressive Golf R front bumper, complete with GT Racing splitter. (more…)

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The Honda You’ve Always Wanted

My first car was a Honda. I’m still a fan, even today. However, most car enthusiasts will agree: They simply lack power out of the box. Don’t get me wrong, I love the S2000, I love the NSX, but Honda simply never offered a turbocharged compact sports car, and that’s always been a problem.

Well, until now…

The 2015 Civic Type R, announced at the Geneva Motor Show now comes turbocharged. It doesn’t look half bad either.



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