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The Definition of VIP (Part 1): 05 Chrysler 300c

What is VIP?

Several weeks ago, I asked this question to friend and TripleOG’s founder, Sleepy Khamvongsa. What he described was a style associated with luxury — higher-end vehicles, with wide wheels and aggressive stance. Exquisite. Refined. Polished. Most importantly: Expensive.

DSC_0026 copy

Sleepy continued to explain how VIP’s roots had close links to the Yakuza; one of the oldest transnational organized crime syndicates in Japan. This style evolved from supposed police crack down targeting sports compacts associated with gang members, so the transition to luxury sedans allowed them to cruise while remaining incognito.

DSC_0009 copy

Beyond conventional definitions; I feel as though his true answer manifests itself in the form of his 05 Chrysler 300c. Every detail from the custom Lexus 1C6 Graphite Grey Pearl paint job and gloss black roof to the custom VIP Modular wheels truly define what it is to be VIP.


The exterior is outfitted with a Gripp Tuning Grille, Shine Auto Lip, SRT-8 Spoiler, window spoiler, and custom welded eyelids. Rounding off the external eye-candy are Topspeed AMG Style flame tips.


The impressive bagged suspension setup allows for variable ride height, which is comfortable enough to drive daily with the flexibility to lay frame-to-floor when required. The system is comprised of BC BR-Type Coilovers with UAS bags and top hats. Controlled by an Air Lift Auto Pilot V2 supported by a color-matched Graphite Grey Pearl 5 gallon tank and dual 380cc Viar compressors.

DSC_0061 copy

One of the most essential components of VIP styling is of course: Wheels.

Sleepy’s 300c is fitted with VIP Modular VX110’s at 22×10.5 +10 265/30/22 up front, with a 5-inch lip and 22×12 +0 295/30/22 and a 6-inch lip in the rear. If you look closely, the devil is in the details; the brushed aluminium wheel faces are accentuated with black on the inside. In other words: Elegant.

DSC_0004 copy


Next week, we’ll take a look at JDM-style VIP through the eyes of Binh Nguyen’s 07 Infiniti M35x in Part 2 of our feature on The Definition of VIP.

Photography courtesy of Danny Hsu. You can check out his stuff as well as the rest of this photo set here as well as his Facebook page.


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