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Night and Day Shooting Experience

I’m on the path of learning varying techniques for shooting in the daytime versus the night. I want to go over some of the things I’ve discovered, as I’m fairly new to photography.

With all photography, the key is lighting. I’m lucky in the fact that given the subject matter, there is a lot of trial and error in regards to proper exposure and aperture size since what I’m photographing is mostly static.

Getting better at adjusting for exposure and aperture on the fly become more imperative if you don’t have that luxury.


I shot this at f/2 at 1/1250 exposure on a 35mm f/2 lens. Obviously at that setting, I’m getting good field depth and the subject remains fairly sharp.


With this shot, I actually threw in a lot of the ambient light effects, as the original wasn’t sun drenched as well as the others; one of the things I’d like to work on is post-processing, as the effect isn’t as subtle as I wanted it to be.

In contrast, night photos are a little more tricky because not only are you worried about lighting, but properly illuminating the subject. For the future, I’d really like to get an external flash/lights and a wireless remote to reduce camera shake.

Acura TSX on VIP Modulars

I like the colors in this last photo, I just don’t think it was very well lit. From all of the photos taken this weekend, the reflections on the cars can be somewhat distracting, so investing in a polarizer or getting them out in post is probably important and something to think about.

Check out both sets in the gallery.


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