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1991 Acura NSX Sebring Silver

F*CK IT: 1991 Acura NSX

The greatest risk of all is the risk of spending your life not doing what you want thinking you can always buy yourself the chance to do it later.

There comes the point in every tuners lives where they take a good look at their car and say fuck it, followed by one of two things: “I’m done.” or “I’m gonna do it.” Now exactly what “it” is varies, but it usually involves large sums of money. Interestingly enough, I’ve reached both points recently.

This is my 1991 Acura NSX. For the longest time, this was (and still is) my dream car. It represented the epitome of Honda engineering and development. It revolutionized the super car market, forcing the hands of Ferrari and Lamborghini to re-evaluate the production of their vehicles. It was track tuned and tested by one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time, Ayrton Senna. It was everything I ever wanted in a car…and two weeks ago, I put it up for sale.

1991 Acura NSX Sebring Silver

I sat there wondering what business I had building this car that spends most it’s time sitting in a garage. It’s expensive to maintain, it’s pricey to pay for, and every year the platform shows more of it’s age with every all-wheel drive, turbocharged, DSG transmission, twin-plate clutched vehicle that gets released. On top of that, despite holding it’s value pretty well for being such an old car, parts are still ridiculously expensive. I thought about everything I had already spent on the car and realized that most other platforms would have been nearly completed and fully built by now — it was just too much and I decided it was time to let it go.

1991 Acura NSX Sebring Silver

As the week progressed, I felt terrible every time I checked my for sale thread. I had a few promising trades…but then again, not so much.

“I’ll trade you my swapped Civic plus some cash.”

“Any interest in a track car? It’s gutted, no rust.”

Each passing day was more miserable than the last. It was like deliberately lighting your own crotch on fire and putting it out by having people stomp on your balls — but I reasoned that I shouldn’t feel too bad, my balls just needed to get stomped out for a bit, and then the pain will be all over.

1991 Acura NSX Sebring Silver

It wasn’t until last week that one of my friends noticed I wasn’t myself. I told him that I was planning to sell my car. He called me a fag. Then he told me that one of the greatest risks of all is the risk of spending your life not doing what you want thinking you can always buy yourself the chance to do it later.

1991 Acura NSX Sebring Silver

He was right. Not more than a few days after, Acura released more concept photos of the new 2015 NSX. It was a refreshing reminder of the legacy that this car had. I decided not to give up on it after all.

I write this post to remind myself of why I became an automotive enthusiast to begin with and why I absolutely love the NSX. I’m also posting this as another reminder of what my car looked like before I decided that I was “going to do it.”

1991 Acura NSX Sebring Silver

I’ll keep you posted on exactly what “it” is, but until then:

Fuck it. See you at Springfest.

Photography courtesy of Danny Hsu. You can check out his stuff as well as the rest of this photo set here. Amazing work as usual, Danny!


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