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High Society is an automotive media site. Our contributors consist of photographers, designers, writers, and enthusiasts who want to share and build that community. Without you, there wouldn’t be anything to write about, nothing to feature, nothing to learn — so thank you.

If you’re interested in contributing to this site, you’re more than welcome to. Please visit the contact us page for more details.

Got a question, comment, recommendation, request, or event?
You can email directly, or fill out the form below.


HighSocietyDC wants to deliver quality content for everyone that has an interest in just about anything auto-related

We like sharing our passion for the community, and would love to continue doing so. However, we also realize that it is equally important to have others share their knowledge and experience with the community as well.

We’re interested in your participation and helping to provide our readers with quality content and insight. We’ve seen some excellent growth since we started. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Each contributor is acknowledged at the bottom of the article as the author along with a link to their official website and Twitter account as well as a short but detailed biography.
  • Great exposure to an expanding audience.
  • Received recognition and appreciation from a group of enthusiasts.
  • Play an integral part in the growth of the automotive community by sharing your talents, skills and knowledge.

Through this, we hope to be able to grow the community with diversified, knowledgeable writers and contributors. Whether you’re looking to write/photograph once, temporarily, or long-term with High Society, let us know by contacting us through email.


The images marked with our logo have been taken by photographers or contributors to High Society.
If you’d like to use any of our featured images for any reason, you may use them as you wish, but not for commercial purposes.

So, great! You want to drop us a line. Please be thorough and we’ll be sure to respond as soon as we can. Thanks!

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