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Jon Scite’s MK6 TDi

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this red MK6 TDi. Just a few months ago, I snapped a shot of it at PTuning for their dyno day.

It’s funny how much can change in just a small amount of time. The results however, are nothing short of amazing.

Jon first purchased the car brand new, three years ago, on this exact day.


Now, vastly different from the car it was, the most obvious change is the aggressive Golf R front bumper, complete with GT Racing splitter. (more…)


Not The Average Avenger

This past weekend me and fellow photographer, Aaron V. went over to B&T Motorsports to take a few photos for the shop.

I was pleased to find their full-drag Mopar Avenger on the shop floor. I wanted to share a few shots that I took of the car as well as my first attempt at light painting a vehicle. This thing has a 98mm turbo fitted to a 340 small block V8. This thing pulls about 1100 horsepower at 5psi — currently it’s running 27. We’re looking at approximately 2500 horsepower (you read that correctly). Needless to say, this thing hauls ass. Since we had full access to the shop, I decided to try some light painting with the help of a phone light and portable drop light. Probably could have turned out a lot better, but I think it made for a decent first attempt. Hoping to get more shots of this beast in action. I’ll be shooting more until then.

If you’re in the Northern Virginia / DC Metro area and are looking to get some work done, you should check out B&T Motorsports, I’ve had work done by them in the past and the quality has always been top notch.




The Definition of VIP (Part 2): 07 Infiniti m35x

Last week we got a close look at Sleepy’s 05 Chrysler 300c and the nuances that make up the VIP style. Though some purists in the VIP community will tell you that true VIP are only cars of particular platforms.

Takahiro Taketomi, the self-proclaimed founder of VIP style, and the company known as Junction Produce adds some insight to the VIP elitist mentality. According to Taketomi, true VIP style tuning is limited to only 10 Nissan and Toyota models: Nissan President, Cima, Gloria, Cedric and Fuga; Toyota Celsior, Century, Aristo, Crown and Majesta. That’s it.



Springfest 2013

Springfest 2013 is the 4th incarnation of one of the larger car shows every year. This time around, it was being held at Virginia Beach Sportsplex and National Training Center; which actually has some pretty nice facilities.

I honestly wasn’t sure that I would be making the drive, as my car was barely running, barely put together. Not to mention the fact that it had been raining the entire week and was supposed to continue through the weekend. By Thursday, most the people I knew who were going had already left to party at the beach prior to the show. I couldn’t take time off from work, so if I was going, I’d have to leave Saturday morning. The rain continued well through Friday and my desire to make the trip was fading rather quickly.

It wasn’t until photographer Danny Hsu hit me up and told me that he was also trying to drive down early Saturday that I felt reinvigorated. I still wasn’t certain if my car would make the near 4 hour drive, but I figured that if it gave out on me, that would just give me an excuse for a rebuild.