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Tim's Bagged WRX

Air to the Throne: Bagged ’05 WRX

There are probably a good amount of cars on air suspension today. Of these, only a handful reside within the tuner community. Among tuners, a very small fraction of them are Subarus. This is Tim DeGuzman’s ’05 Subaru WRX.

Wsup Doe?
Wsup Doe?

It’s a cold December morning. I’m standing idly by as Tim is preparing a bucket of soap and water. He’s washing his car. It’s 30 degrees out. He’s getting prepared for the upcoming shoot. I’m standing there and question him if it’s really worth the extra effort, considering the car is pretty clean already, and the small amount of dirt can probably be edited out in post.

“I might as well do it,” he says, which reminds me how he approaches everything in the first place. He purchased this car about a year or so ago. At the time it was on stock wheels and springs and had a mild tune, a front-mount intercooler, and an aftermarket exhaust.

Bottoms up.
Bottoms up.

One of the first mods he made were coilovers. He liked the idea of being able to adjust the ride height because this would be his daily driver. Knowing this, he also took the time to upgrade the interior with various creature comforts that would make daily driving a lot more enjoyable.

Tim's WRX: Quick Release

Triple threat.
Triple threat.

Several sets of wheels later, he decided that his car simply wasn’t low enough. At the time, he worked at Volkswagen, where, for most of that community, air suspension was essentially common practice. It was there that he decided that he “might as well,” as it offered the ability to adjust ride height while also facilitating how low he could actually go at any given moment. Additionally, he would no longer have the need to say a small prayer before going over speed bumps or pot holes.


Although the process took a couple of days to complete, the results obviously speak for themselves. One of the last pieces, he said, was getting an aggressive set of Work CR Kai Ultimates to accentuate his car as it rests frame to floor. He says that it’s funny because most of the time people just assume they are replicas due to the popularity of Rotas with the Subaru/Evo community. I’m sure that again he figured he may as well go for the real thing.

Tim's WRX: Air Tank

The future, of course, is still being written for this car, and he’s not quite sure of his next plans just yet. Tim says he may eventually build the car for more power, but he wants to wait and see how his engine holds up going forward. From all this, it became clear to me why Tim and other enthusiasts do what they do. They just feel like that if it’s worth pursuing, you might as well just do it.

Tim's WRX: Drive by
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Special thanks to Tim DeGuzman for allowing us to feature his car! Much appreciation to Danny Hsu for the amazing photography work! (It was freezing!) Also like to thank everyone for taking the time to check out this post!


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